01/16-18/09 - retreat - Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett
02/19/09 - jc - Tomato Girl by Jayne Pupek
03/19/09 - kb - Burning Bright by Tracy Chevalier
04/16/09 - cc - The Little Giant of Aberdeen County by Tiffany Baker
05/21/09 - pb - Cold Rock River by J.L. Miles
06/18/09 - aw - Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell
07/16/09 - pb - Scarlett or Rhett Butler's People or Frankly, My Dear: "Gone With the Wind" Revisited
08/13/09 - mc - The Same Kind of Different As Me by R. Hall & D. Moore
09/10/09 - as - Breakfast at Tiffany's by Truman Capote
10/15/09 - jc - The Reader by Bernhard Schlink
11/12/09 - kb - Mudbound by Hillary Jordan
12/10/09 - pb - The Christmas Pearl by Dorothea Benton Frank


Blue Christmas

Tonight was the December meeting of the Bluestockings. After our meal and book discussion, we settled in for the gift swap and planning our January trip. It's unusual for me to end up with no photos, but that's what happened tonight (although I did manage to get a picture of the table and the dessert before everyone arrived!). You'll just have to take my word for it; we had fun!


Book Wreath

One of our own, Chanon, actually MADE this wreath and Jean was the one who took it home from our December meeting!

If you have too many books, maybe this could be an option...


Mudbound Discussion Questions

Click HERE to go to the discussion questions for Mudbound. See y'all on the 12th at Kay's!



Time Traveler's Wife

Here are 6/7 of the Bluestockings at our Sunday afternoon outing!


Mary Kay Andrews

If you'd like to see her talk about the Fixer Upper and her experience fixing up the Sea Breeze on Tybee, here's the link: http://link.brightcove.com/services/player/bcpid27959626001?bctid=28080456001



Characters, plot summary, MM's inspiration....and more can be found HERE.


We're Famous

I submitted our picture for a photo essay on girlfriends...almost didn't since Ann wasn't with us...but I didn't have one of all seven of us.


Jackie Miles on 'Getting the Call'

Jackie Miles, the author of our book for next week, has written a column today about how she got 'the call' to be a writer. Thought y'all might want to read it before we TALK to her next Thursday! You can find it HERE.


Cold Rock River

I emailed J.L. Miles about a family tree....here is our back-and-forth:

PCB: I read Cold Rock River last year and recommended it to my book club. We are meeting next week to discuss it. I reread it and am in the process of trying to construct a 'family tree' to have during our discussion but it ocurred to me that maybe you'd already have such a document? If so, it would make my day!

JLM: Hi Pendy, Don't have a family tree, but if you like I'd be happy to call in during your discussion. All you need is a speaker phone. Let me know and include the time zone, time, and number to call. All best and bless your reading heartJackie Lee Miles http://www.jlmiles.com/

PCB: That would be wonderful! 7:15 Eastern on May 21st would be great for a phone call. My cell has speaker so that would probably work best... it's 229.848.xxxx (yes, I had the real number in the email!).


Robinson Crusoe

I never thought Robinson Crusoe would be on my to-read list, but after reading THIS, I might change my mind!


The Sweet By and By: A Novel

This book by Todd Johnson was recommended in the March issue of Southern Living. Click HERE to read more about it.


The Help

This recommendation is from Karin Gillespie, co-author of the Sweet Potato Queen's Big Ass Novel...


A Hundred Years of Happiness by Nicole Seitz

I read about this book on A Blog by Southern Authors (link at right). This author paints her cover art, too. Check out her website. This isn't her first book, but this short clip has me intrigued. It comes out March 2009.


Food for Thought: Retreat Recap

The Bluestockings have returned from our annual weekend away and it was nearly perfect (having Ann there would have made it 100%). There were laughs, movies, shopping, more laughs, food, and yes, we had our book discussion thank-you-very-much. We mapped out our selections for 2009 and are looking forward to our 2010 weekend adventure! We did that after we spent all day out in public attired in identical Life Is Good tees (book themed, of course). I hope those who saw us had a good laugh; I'm sure they were wondering where our red hats were but we are NOT that kind of group!


The Retreat

The Bluestockings are READY for our retreat this weekend. Pillars of the Earth is our book and it surely will take all weekend for us to discuss...except when we are eating, shopping, or having a cocktail (or all three!).